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Hi there! I'm a mom of 3 boys and happily married to my husband for the past 13 yrs! I work full time and try and take care of everything home related as well- basically I'm tired and loving life! I love to try new things- especially cooking! I love the outdoors, music, old movies, church, and my family!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Watching from the outside

So for the first time tonight I felt the longing for my family that Im sure my other siblings have felt for a long time. I was looking at my sister's blog and at the lil. home videos that she has posted and I started crying. I was missing out on my families life. I didn't know my lil Rollie Pollie Jane loved listening to her daddy sing and play his guitar for her ( I mean who wouldn't, I enjoy listening to Danny play.) Then I saw the pictures of my dad with his grand daughters and I have been so spoiled and blessed to have them so close. So, "Im sorry" to my siblings for not knowing how hard it must be to leave home. I now know, because home has finally left me.