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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Christmas is coming! Are you ready?

Now is the time of year where everyone is frantically thinking about what to get for everyone on their list and if it will hold a candle to what they gave last year. I'm totally guilty of trying to figure out the best gifts EVER! but I'm also usually prepared 2 months in advance. This year... not so much. I'm drawing a BIG FAT BLANK!! Although, it has made me think about what I'm teaching not only my kids but myself about Christmas... what is the message I'm sending? So I have found two things, yes two that are going to help me and my family (mostly myself and the boys-hubby is good) have a more Christ centered Christmas.

1st: 25 Days of Christmas: http://25daysofchrist.com/

This kit comes with 25 unfinished ornaments, a book to help reference the different objects, and a bag to keep your ornaments in when you're done.
When I saw this I thought it was a great way to help us think of Christmas everyday of the month in December, have a reminder on the tree, and a fun craft to do during the Thanksgiving Holiday (because I have nothing else to do,said no women ever) I'll make sure to write a post when I get mine in the mail and finish!

2nd: 12 Days of Christmas Nativity countdown: http://overthebigmoon.com/12-days-of-christmas-nativity-countdown-printables/

This mom is amazing and had just made this one so easy for the rest of us. Shout out to Pam Dana for this great idea and the FREE printables that are on her website (listed above.) The name pretty much says it all, but what Pam has done is made it possible for the kids to interact in putting up the nativity and giving each object a reference and meaning to the kids. So as they put up the Nativity together piece by piece 12 days before Christmas, they have a better understanding of how important each symbol of the set is and what their role was in being apart of of Saviors birth.
Pam also includes a link to a "kid friendly" Nativity Set, so that way if you're like me and super protective of your Nativity set (like if you touch you die) than it's easy to just order one that goes with her awesome printables and it's not crazy expensive.

I hope you have fun getting ready for the Holidays and make sure to take time and enjoy your family and what the Holidays are really about.

P.S. make sure you check back with me as I will probably be trying so new holiday recipes and you know you don't want to miss out on that!

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