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Hi there! I'm a mom of 3 boys and happily married to my husband for the past 13 yrs! I work full time and try and take care of everything home related as well- basically I'm tired and loving life! I love to try new things- especially cooking! I love the outdoors, music, old movies, church, and my family!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Life style changes

Everyone has resolutions and we all hope we keep them. People say you should make your resolutions achievable... well I believe I did that. I wanted a healthier life for not only myself but my family. I started out slow and gained a lot of momentum when I start the 21 Day Shred through Skinnymom.com.
It was contagious... my husband joined me on my healthy eating and workout program and now my 11 yr. old son has taken an interest into eating better and using his Wii Fit program (to him, it's still getting in his video games.) We have all come to the conclusion that not only do our bodies feel better but our minds as well. We have more of what I call, " Happy Energy!" Less fighting and yelling and more helping and saying "yes" the first time asked. Now I not saying it's all because of healthier/cleaner eating but I do believe it has helped. As parents, my husband and I are less stressed due to working out and our energy levels aren't crashed from eating poorly during the day, making coming home in the evening a lot easier to deal with hungry kids and homework. It has had a big impact on our marriage. Don't get me wrong, our marriage wasn't bad before but, working out together, looking over new healthy recipes, and food prepping together has brought us closer and we now have a new found interest we both enjoy.

Finding the time is hard and I am not perfect! There are great days, good & bad ones, and then really bad ones. Do I always feel like going to the gym or working out at home? NO! but once I do it, I feel a lot better. Do I still like chocolate and sugar? YES!!! I don't completely deprive my body of those things... I just don't eat them very often or I find healthier ways to curb my cravings.

Life get's in the way and that is OKAY because it's life and it's always changing, we don't have any control over that. So the next time you feel like you've failed and falling off the the resolution rocker... get back up and try it again! What's the worst thing that could happen? You might fail again? or you might succeed! Don't give up, you're worth it. Whatever it is you're wanting... loose weight, start your own business, start a blog, stop yelling at your kids as much, organize your pantry, you name it and you can do it... you just have to be willing to do the work.

All right... I'm off my soap box. Now go have fun and I'll post a yummy Pumpkin Protein Pancake recipe I found later (I eat it with dark chocolate, shhh)

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