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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Time saving ideas-straight from other moms

As a "Resident Mom" for Skinnymom.com I get wonderful opportunities to share my ideas, but what I love the most about it is the wonderful community of other women who share their thoughts, idea, recipes, and encouragement a long the way. This past "Blurb of the Week" was all about time saving tips... love it!! I got to include my two cents and also got to read some other really great ideas from some of the other ladies. I don't care if you stay at home, work away from home, or in your home...dinner time is a little crazy and with 3 boys stating the are "starving!" I have got to have a plan.

I do A LOT of food prep in my "spare time." I find it really does save time during the week as far as dinners go and also to help keep me on my healthy eating track. Making a weekly menu plan, going through my cupboards checking off items I don't need at the store and checking my coupons before I go shopping really helps me keep on budget and not get over whelmed and buy a lot of things I don't need. Then when I get home I look at my recipes and see which items go with what dinner and try and keep them all together so I don't have to go searching for an ingredient when I'm about to burn something. My husband helps a lot with this as well. We work together in the kitchen to cut up the fruits and veggies (that won't go bad) so they are more accessible and I don't spend as much time cutting things during the dinner rush.

Last night My husband and I prepped 40 lbs. of chicken we got from Zaycon Farms  zayconfresh.com/refer/zf452682. It was a ton of chicken, but at $1.69 a pound I couldn't pass up the deal. Together with my trusty FoodSaver, my husband and I bagged 5-2 lb bags of cubed chicken, 5 bags of 5 thin sliced breast, 1 gallon bag of breast ready for ground chicken meat that I'll do tonight and 3 ready to go chicken freezer meals. I don't so this much prep on a daily basis but doing every once in awhile helps my grocery bill down and my freezer stocked.
Food Prep

Here are more time saver ideas from other moms just like you: http://www.skinnymom.com/resident-moms-reveal-our-time-saving-secrets/

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